Puppies and Dogs for Sale

Are you looking to add a new four-legged friend to your family? If so, your first call should be to Wonder Pet Grooming LLC. With years of experience in the puppy and dog sales industry, we have developed a reputation for pairing puppies of the highest standards in loving and caring homes. Over the years, we have developed close relationships with dog breeders of all kinds of dogs, so whatever type you are looking for, we can deliver.

Puppies and Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes

We know that choosing a dog is not always an easy decision to make. This is why we work hard to match your needs and wants up with the attributes and characteristics of the dogs that we offer. The wide range of dog breeds that we have at Wonder Pet Grooming LLC means that we can find the perfect one for you. Some of our most popular breeds include:

Border Collies:

By their nature, border collies are extremely intelligent dogs. This intelligence is often harnessed in rural environments where their outstanding herding abilities mean that they are the perfect help for farmers, but they are just as happy living in a suburban setting. In general, collies are not best-suited to small confined spaces. So, if you live in a tenth-floor apartment, then maybe this isn’t the right choice of dog for you.

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Scottish Terriers:

One of the most popular dogs that we have for sale at our pet center is the Scottish terrier. This dog is renowned for its small but agile body movements and has short legs, pricked ears and an erect tail. The combination of its small size and agile disposition make it the perfect dog for an individual or family who live in an urban setting but enjoy exploring parks, rivers and all that the countryside has to offer on the weekend.

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Often described as the perfect family dog, a beagle is an excellent choice if you have young or adolescent children. The pleasant demeanor of beagles mean that they are likely to get along with humans of all ages and this is a very beneficial trait in a busy house with lots of different personalities.

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At Wonder Pet Grooming LLC we take immense pride in the puppies and dogs that we sell to loving homes. Our reputation for hard work and commitment to excellence is something we are very proud of. It is also one that we work extremely hard to maintain. This means that when you come to us for a new puppy or dog, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the four-legged friend that best meets you and your family’s needs. Don’t take chances with inferior sellers when the number one option is right here on your doorstep. Call today to schedule an initial appointment or to learn more about the services we offer.

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