Obedience School in Rahway

With years of experience in the obedience training field, Wonder Pet Grooming LLC has a developed a reputation for delivering the best and most disciplined obedience training in Rahway. Our unique and individual-centered approach to obedience training sets us apart from other pet services and is guaranteed to get your pet on the right track to a fulfilling life. Our techniques and methods have a proven success rate and we take immense pride in changing a disobedient puppy into a perfectly well-behaved dog. If you are having problems training your puppy or feel that he or she may benefit from a professional touch, then why not contact us today and allow us to take care of everything. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Tough Love

Tough love might be an over-used cliché but when it comes to obedience training for your puppy or young dog, then the mantra still rings true. This doesn’t mean that obedience training needs to be overly strenuous or difficult but it does have to contain enough elements of discipline to ensure that your puppy or dog learns the right way of doing things. Failing to do so is both irresponsible and will, almost certainly, result in you dealing with problematic and immature behavior from your four-legged friend for years to come.

Start Them Young

The key to ensuring a successful obedience training for your puppy is to start them young. In fact, the younger, the better. When it comes to puppies and dogs, good traits, and unfortunately bad ones too, are developed at a very young age. We recommend that any Rahway puppy owner looking to invest in solid, obedience training for their pet needs to commence the process when their dog is between eight and twelve weeks old. The reason for this is simple. By starting this training early, you can ensure that good habits are developed easier and without the friction that may be faced later on in your pup’s life. By the same token, the earlier this training process begins, the less time that your dog has to develop any bad habits. Unfortunately, many Rahway dog owners make the mistake of only signing their puppy up for obedience classes when they start to annoy them. This period usually occurs around the nine to twelve-month mark and is affectionately referred to as the adolescent stage. The problem is that by this stage, many puppies have already developed bad habits that are often hard to change. Don’t make this mistake, and contact us early.

Power of Positive Reinforcement

Here at Wonder Pet Grooming LLC we are firm believers in the power of positive reinforcement. This means that when you bring your puppy to us, you can rest assured knowing that he or she will receive a disciplined and effective regime without any of the downsides that come with a more heavy-handed approach.