Cat Grooming Service in Linden

As every cat owner in Linden will tell you, our feline friends are some of the most image conscious animals around. Cats take great pride in their appearance and are, generally, very clean pets. They are also quite self-sufficient and can often spend days on their own without very much human interaction. With all this considered, it may be difficult to see how they would benefit from the grooming services of a professional pet company. However, the reality of the situation is, that at Wonder Pet Grooming LLC our premier cat grooming service is proving to be extremely popular.

Despite the independent streak that often defines cats, they enjoy being pampered as much as the next animal. With that in mind, it is easy to see why so many cats in Linden relish our grooming services. Our combined years of experience along with our genuine love of all types of cats means that our grooming service is second to none. So, if you are a proud and responsible cat owner in Linden, then why not treat your feline friend to a treatment that will leave them feeling on top of the world. Call today to schedule an appointment. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

But Don’t Cats Hate Water?

Even the most informed cat owners will often profess how they would have brought their cat to us sooner for a grooming treatment but they were certain that cats hate water. The truth of the matter is that while cats may not love hopping into water of their own free will, they are also more than capable of enjoying all the benefits that a regular warm soapy bath can offer. In fact, some breeds of cats love water. The Turkish Van, also known as the swimming cat, regularly swim and are famous for being fond of water.

At Wonder Pet Grooming LLC, we strongly recommend that cat owners bring their feline pets to us as early as possible. The younger a kitten is when he or she reaches us, the more likely that they will adapt to the routine of regular warm baths.

Why Cats Need to Be Groomed

Although it is true that cats are extremely self-sufficient when it comes to cleaning themselves, it is also apparent that there are a wide range of problems that they face on a regular basis that can’t be taken care of independently. The following is a list of issues that a professional car grooming service can handle with optimum care and attention:

  • Foul-smelling, greasy, matted hair
  • Brownish-colored, waxy ears
  • Vomiting of fur balls
  • Flaky dandruff
  • Urine-soaked skin
  • Disease-ridden fleas
  • Long, curved and sharpened nails
  • Slimy eye gunk
  • Excessive coat shedding